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The Label This is a crowd-sourced transcription project for University of California, Davis. It's based on the open source Scribe Framework built by NYPL Labs and Zooniverse.

The University was sitting on a substantial collection of wine labels compiled by a prominent figure in the California wine industry—but they had no way of automatically transcribing these labels by machine, in order to extract relevant data.
Visitors to the site can browse through the Univerity's collection of over 5000 wine labels from the 20th century, and mark the different text or iamge areas that require transcription.
Once images are marked up, users can then transcribe the previously marked areas, and help the University create meaningful data out of these labels.
In addition to the web app, the Label This site also includes a blog, where wine experts from the University can publish updates and further infrom the public about the UNiverity's conservation efforts.


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