Fireside Fiction Company


editorial design

art direction

workflow management

Fireside Fiction Company started in 2012 as a short-story magazine, and has since expanded to publish novels and novellas. Fireside has two goals: to find and publish great stories regardless of genre, and to pay writers and artists well.

Fireside started as a print magazine. After a few issues, they decided to move the magazine online, and Pablo was charged with refreshing the publisher's visual brand to match the new, online focus. This called for a streamlining of the existing logo, as well as a simplification of the color and typographic styles used throughout the magazine.
The design of the magazine site is meant to be minimal and simple. It focuses the reader’s attention entirely on the stories and artwork, and provides a clean, simple, and responsive reading interface.


If you have a project you think might be up Pablo’s alley, drop him a line. He’s currently taking on work starting in April 2017.

The very best way to reach him is via email, at You can also often find him on Twitter.