Pablo Defendini

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Pablo Defendini is a designer for hire. His focus is on user experience and product design for websites and mobile apps, but his broad experience in advertising, publishing, and technology makes him a well-rounded complement to any team.

Pablo was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, lives in New York City, and works with clients over the world.

Work for the screen

Label This

Fireside Fiction Company

Safari Queue App

Safari Books Online

Creative Edge Classroom

Open Road Media

Works on paper

Little Brother

The Good Fairies of New York



Work, With Occasional Mole Men

Ninety Percent of Everything

The Merchant of Venice

With a Little Help

Personal Projects

An Animal Drawing a Day

Speaking and writing

Pablo occasionally writes on topics like publishing, design, and technology. He has presented and been on panels at various conferences, including Books in Browsers, SXSW, and O’Reilly Tools of Change.

Reading on the Big Screen

A talk and an article about designing interfaces for large display surfaces.

On Responsive Comics

Demonstration of a responsive comic, authored using HTML and CSS.


If you have a project you think might be up Pablo’s alley, drop him a line. He’s currently taking on work starting in April 2017.

The very best way to reach him is via email, at You can also often find him on Twitter.